: Physician Practice Solutions

Physician Practice Solutions

This vertical focuses on the needs of a physician practices.JD Infolabs is a pioneer in hospital/physician information system project management. JD Infolabs gives a buffet of services from which a customer picks and choose as per their needs. The services include product analysis, budgeting and financial projections, product implementation, and medical record migration. JD Infolabs also hand-holds the clients such that they qualify for the stimulus package by achieving the meaningful criteria, constantly updating and providing the necessary support. The excellent and experienced team of resources makes it a seamless, hassle and worry free process for our customers.

  • IT Infrastructure - Covers the infrastructure needs like networking, telecom service etc.
  • Practice management and EMR Solution - Covers the implementation and maintenance of a PMS and an EMR solution. JD Infolabs is partnered with OmniMD, which is one of one of the fastest growing company in the industry with over 10,000 providers.
    • OmniMD’sOmniEHR is a fully integrated EHR solution that is 2011 CCHIT certified for Ambulatory EHR. It was created in-house by OnmiMD to work seamlessly with OmniPM, the billing and practice management product. Both were built with cloud computing technology so they provide instant updates, reliable access, with the ability to connect online to labs, pharmacies, and hospitals for less than hardware based systems. With OmniEHR, one gets the freedom to never worry about the hardware, data back-ups, expensive updates or extra staff overhead. This product is ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 Certified , SureScripts certified, CCHIT 2011 certified with a 5 star usability rating, supports 30 medical specialties with 10,000+ providers.
    • OmniPM is a practice management at its finest. With this product, workflow, usability, functionality achieve perfect harmony. Administrative workflow and financial tasks become more efficient with OmniPM, while revenues typically improve noticeably within months. Below are some of the prominent features
      • Automated billing tools and electronic claims scrubbing and submission
      • Payment and charge analysis reporting, insurance aging reports and financial reports
      • Appointment scheduler, Charge Capture, Document Management, Referral Management and more
      • Robust reports: Clinical and Administrative, Appointment-related, Meaningful Use, Clinical Quality Measures health alerts, edibility verification and more.
    • Revenue Cycle Management - Covers the below medical billing services and more. For a visual control flow please click here.
      • Eligibility Verification – We do insurance coverage verification prior to service is rendered to patient. That apart, we also provide the copy/deductible details along with the previous patient dues to the Front Office staff for them to collect it upfront from patient at the time of service.
      • Insurance Referral/Authorization- Getting authorization for a treatment is the process whereby we obtain prior verbal or written authorization from the insurance company for outpatient surgery or specialist Office visit and Procedures.
      • Coding - Medical Coding is assigning codes to diagnosis and procedures which help in financial reimbursement from insurance companies. Medical records are scanned to us and using those records, our coders choose the most appropriate CPT and ICD codes for service rendered by provider. We have Certified Coders to do this job.
      • Patient Demographics Entry- Entry of patient demographics (personal details, address, insurance etc). We capture all the Patient’s personal details and Insurance details in the billing software based on the demos scanned by the front desk. Even though it is updated in billing software by Front office staffs for some clients, we need to check for any updates and enter the details of Hospital Patient’s visit accordingly.
      • Charge Entry – Entry of charges based on the super bills scanned to offshore office. Using the pre codes, super bills and charge sheets, we enter the charges in billing software to create the claims.
      • Claim Submission – All the posted charges are being transmitted through clearing houses after a complete Validation. Also the clearing house/payer rejections reports are worked within 24 hours from the date of receipt.
      • Cash Posting - Cash postings will be done on the basis of checks, ERA (electronic remittance advice) and Explanation of Medical Benefits (EOMBs) that are sent by the insurance companies as well as the personal payments collected from the patients.
      • Denial Management – Denials are tracked across all payers and meticulous analysis is done on a timely fashion to get the claims paid on time.
    • A/R Management - Covers below Account Receivable follow ups and more.
      • Insurance AR Follow-up – We used to do follow-up with Insurance companies to know the status of claims that are in process. Also we do rigorous follow-ups for the denied claims and initiate appropriate actions in order to get it reimbursed.
      • Patient Statements and Follow-ups – Statements are sent to patients who owe money to practice. The process is to send three bills in an interval of 30 days followed by a call to the patient to collect the dues.
      • Data Conversion - For small physicians this will cover converting the paper based medical records to an electronic format that will be accessed with the implemented EMR solution.
      • Website development and Maintenance - Covers the web presence portal for the physician.