: Hospital and Healthcare Support

Hospital and Healthcare Support

This vertical focuses on the needs of the physician in a hospital. Below is a brief description of the extended interfaces that fall under this category

Overhead Assessments

Income Distribution Models

Academic Funding Analysis

Hospital Based Contract Assessments

Contract Subsidy Analysis

Contract Compliance Models

Service Line Analysis

Productivity Measurements

Revenue Cycle Gap Analysis and optimization

Payer Rate Evaluations

IT System Evaluations

  • EMR/PMS Outpatient/Inpatient - Covers the implementation, training, and go-live support of a PMS and an EMR solution like Allscripts, Caretracker, EPIC and MediTech.
  • Revenue Cycle Management
    • Medicare and Medicaid Billing Campaign - The objective is to start a billing recovery campaign for hospitals that have billing problems with Medicare and Medicaid. Partnering with JD Infolabs is a solution that potentially could bring in a continuing revenue stream and phase II could mean an ongoing outsourced billing service with hospitals. This campaign can be run entirely remote.
    • Billing and A/R Management
  • Data Conversion–Porting over data from legacy systems to new system using in-house developed tools.
  • Inventory Auditing and Data analysis.
  • Health Exchange Engine and Interfaces - Consultation services to design and develop interfaces between products providing medical solutions.